Raymond Briggs' 'Father Christmas (December 2013) @ West Yorkshire Playhouse

"Under Emma Earle's direction, Raymond Briggs's illustrated story comes enchantingly to life...puppeteer Annie Brooks sends Santa's reindeer flying through the sky, I take a peek at the child's face: rapt wonder is what it expresses.

The Guardian

"Also on stage is puppeteer Annie Brooks, skilfully manipulating a dog, a cat, a couple of reindeer and a mechanical hen"

The British Theatre Guide

Puppeteer Annie Brooks works hard and with immense skill to bring the pets to life. When the big moment comes and the reindeers set off on their journey, the look of pure wonderment on the little faces in the audience spoke volumes on what Christmas is all about.

The Stage

"O’Neill is accompanied on stage by nimble animal puppeteer Annie Brooks"

York Press

Fish Pie May 2013 @ The Nightingale, Brighton


The puppets are bizarrely beautiful and everything from the set to the smallest prop is lovingly crafted with exquisite aesthetic zeal.

Broadway Baby

"Cinematic, detailed, poignantly anthropomorphic, free and easy with scale and physiology, and just a little bit sick"

"Colossal Crumbs are heading for cult status...their puppet theatre recalls Jim Henson’s Muppets, Aardman’s animated epics...and Adam and Joe’s toy pop culture parodies."


"[Cuthbert] is painfully beautiful to watch, and possibly one of the most endearing puppets I've ever come across." 

Animations Online


Colossal Crumbs

In Michael Glovers article in The Independent heralding the next generation of Emins and Hirsts...

To find the best of the new, we do what Saatchi himself has always done, and visit the student shows for ourselves. But we must do more than that. We must reach as far as the places where Saatchi's green Rolls Royce never ventured, look out for the converted-garage spaces, the alternative venues. They are everywhere, announcing themselves on Facebook or Twitter, there to be sought out in a pop-up shop near you.

The work of Annie Brooks, for example, a recent graduate in performance and visual art from of the University of Brighton, is a combination of puppetry, dance and mime.

           The Independent

The Wizard of Oz

The difficult things, however, were done well. Toto the dog is a hand puppet, and is managed delightfully. The flying monkey and munchkins were played by actors in black moving puppets and were inspired.

            The Cambridge Student Online

The puppet Munchkins designed by Annie Brooks were unquestionably the highlight of the production..

            Cambridge Varsity

Sitting Bear & The Man in the Moon's Reflection

..the inventiveness on display in this small-scale production was overwhelming..

..the inventiveness on display in this small-scale production was overwhelming.. New characters were introduced very fast – particularly in the case of the replicating army of Muppet-like frogs – and the hooded, black-clad puppeteers manipulated them dextrously, providing a range of voices and accents.

            The Argus

Office Of Correspondence

This show gets four stars for it's originality, for the attention to detail in the publicity and printed materials- it's all been thought through really well- and because if you're up for a guaranteed fun night of random play this is your best bet this weekend.


This was an absolutely brilliant and wonderfully innovative show.


The Devil, Chess: A Burlesque

..a symphony of sensual decadence, peppered with literary allusions and sardonic humour.

            The British Theatre Guide

“Provocative yet elegant… A triumph, a witty script, great dancing and accomplished
acting.” Three Weeks


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Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas

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