Carp Blanche at SGP!

20-24 July at The Never Ever Land Tent.

Colossal Crumbs have been invited again to The Never Ever Land Tent at Secret Garden Party 20-24 July.
Come one come all!

Meet Cuthbert.
He’s a fish.
He spends his days by himself…
…just waiting…

 Welcome to the dingy, depressing life of Cuthbert, a lonely fish living in the dankest corner of a suitably unpleasant room in pond suburbia.

 When Cuthbert is one day unceremoniously removed from his home, does it signal hope for this lonely chap or is his life on a downward spiral?

Colossal Crumbs invite you to a visual and enchanting feast for the eyes, merging puppetry and film all encompassed within the setting of a 1920s silent movie. This wordless performance is narrated with beautiful text and music.

We hope to see you shiny, happy faces there!